Christiana Chamon

My Beginning

This page shows the Radio Shack Electronics Learning Lab that I got in the Summer of 2010, when I was a freshman at Kerr.  This started my passion for Electronics.  I did all the projects in its two books.  I remember the most one project that had a Square Wave Generator, a Counter IC, a Decoder IC, and 7-Segment LED that displayed the Numbers being counted up.  We controlled the time interval for the Square Wave Generator by using a Resistor and a Capacitor combination.  Later on I added a Light Controlled Resistor, so I would start counting only when light from my flash light struck the LCR.  The Breadboard included in this kit was great.  The components themselves (ICs, Resistors, Transistors, Capacitors, Wires) if bougth separately would cost a lot more than the price of the Kit.  I loved this Learning Lab, and wonder why I didn't think of it sooner.

It also shows the Book Getting Started in Electronics by Forest M. Mims III, that I bouth in December 2012 that makes learning the basic electonics theory simpler and provides a lot of practical circuit examples.

The figure in the bottom shows the hard disk upgrade for the hard disk in my Laptop PC.  We created an image of my current hard disk and copied it to the new, faster, higher capacity HD.  I used Apricorn - EZ Upgrade Hard Drive Enclosure Kit for IDE/SATA Hard Drives for this upgrade.  The new HD inside the enclosure connected to the laptop via a USB port.  Once the copy was completed, we opened up the laptop and replaced the old hard disk with the new one.  The old hard disk is currently stored to act as a backup if I ever need it, since it contains my Windows OS, and all my programs, data, and favorite links.

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